Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Ancient" A Poem


You are ancient.
She is ancient.
He is ancient.
Your souls
Of course
Hauntingly ancient.

All of your past lives
Beyond meager measure.
Something horrifying
And beautiful
From time past
And yet to come
Binds you.

You are hers
And she is yours.
He is not.
You dark
She light
He emptiness.
A benevolence out of time
A lost heart to claim
A malevolence from hell
Souls aswirl in a
Maelstrom of
Will be.

When darkness
Descends upon light
Emptiness intrudes and He
Tears, rips, and sunders
Bodies, souls and minds
Shredding what should be
What must be
Now can’t be as
The sick truth that
Annihilates love.

You are ancient.
She is ancient.
He is ancient.
The Darkness that
Needs the Light
As the Moon
Needs the Sun.
The Sun is the Darkness
and the Moon is the Light.
The mere speck
That separates them
After all these lives

is Emptiness.


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